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Our Hotel in Polonezkoy offers a choice of 10 suites, 32 standard rooms and 18 attics with a balcony. All rooms are equipped with a TV, mini-bar, safe, phone, complimentary, hairdryer, air conditioning, shower baths and personal care products. The wireless internet connection is available in every location of the hotel. There are enough number of lounge suites in the reception hall.

The restaurant accommodates up to 250 people in the indoor dining space. Lounge suites are also available in the cafeteria. Outdoor semi-olympic swimming pool is located just across the winter garden. There are enough number of lounge suites and sun loungers for Your comfort around the pool. Plus, We offer you a meeting room which accommodates up to 60 people.

– Partnership –

First name: Iman

Last name : Golzad

Add: Floor 2,mobin clinic,corner golestan 7, pasdaran, Tehran, Iran

Contact us : +982126293994

Mob: +989121193808

Elahe Karanizadeh