Our experts have knowledge and experience from four decades of preparing diet menus. Recipes have been perfected after research in which tens of thousands of people were asked their favorite foods. The dishes selected were then tasted by thousands of dieters before arriving at their final form. Ingredients are obtained from reliable sources, and the freshest and highest quality products are always used for our meals. The calorie, protein, fat, and carbohydrate contents of our recipes are calculated meticulously.

Our dishes include genuine home-made pasta, rice pilaf, börek pastries, lahmacun (minced meat-topped flatbread), pizzas, kebabs, hamburgers and Turkish dumplings.

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The diet program applied in our hotel is approximately 1200-1500 calories. It is consisted of protein, fat, carbohydrates and enough vitamin, minerals and fibers. Foods that are easy to cook and prepare and that are mostly liked have been chosen. Food is given three times a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the mid-afternoon, We offer guests fresh fruits of the season. Our menu contains; Mediterranean, Turkish and World Cuisine. We offer open buffet salad menus, which is advised to be consumed at each meal with the main dish. In our cuisine, we use only cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

METHOD The main idea of the method contains using no medicine with scientific training, natural diet between 1200-1500 calories and sport activities. The person loses 5-8% of weight in two weeks. We have been curing our patients in our cure-hotel since 1986. There has been no one who has not lost weight. SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION OUR DOCTOR IS AT LUNCH WITH YOU EVERYDAY ON WEEKDAYS. He answers all your problems related to the subject. Mr. Doctor has 40 years of experience and knowledge on weight loss. Subjects to be discussed; What excess weight is, its reasons, handicaps, balanced diets, losing weight healthily, personal sportive activities and how lost weight is not gained again

08:00 Waking Up       
08:05 Weighing   
08:10 Breakfast  
09:30 Morning Walk  
12:00 Gymnastics    
13:30 Lunch         
15:00 Second Walk  
16:00 Fruit Time   
16:15 Free Time   
19:30 Dinner