Our Diet

Thediet program that is applied in our hotel  is approximately 1200-1500 calories. It is consisted of protein, fat, carbohidrat eandenough vitamin, mineralsandsediments. Food sthatareeasytocookandprepareandthataremostlyliked havebeenchoosen.

Food is giventhreetimes a day as breakfast, Lunchanddinner.

Inthemid-afternoon, Weofferquestsfreshfruits of theseason. Ourmenucontains; Mediterranean, Turkishand World Cuisine.

We offer open buffet salad menü which is advised to be consumed

in each meal with main dish. In Our cuisine, We use only



    The main idea of methodcontainsusingnomedicinewithscientifictraining, naturaldietbetween 1200-1500 caloriesandsportactivities. Thepersonloses 5-8% of weight in twoweeks. Wehavebeencuringourpatients in ourcure-hotel since 1986. There has beennoonewho has not lostweight.

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